New HMD Rota-Sonde DC4500


Driven by ambition to still innovate and satisfy its customer, the R&D department of DELTA developped a new HMD in the Rota-Sonde DC4000 family: the Rota-Sonde DC4500. The new features proposed are:

- Easy alignment of the sensor with integrated laser line (model –LL) .

- Easy setup with integrated LED bargraphs: signal amplitude and detection thresholds.

- Extensive diagnostic features including display of detection margin, alarm and low margin signals.

- High sensitivity: 180 °C / 360 °F.

- Shutter with 2 fixed apertures: 2 mm for usual applications and 0.7 mm for high temperature applications.

- Easy maintenance and quick access to window glass by draw latch.

- Direct replacement of DELTA models Rota-Sonde DC3000 and DC4000.

- Remote setting and diagnostic with optional junction box CR4500DC, when access to sensor is not easy.


For more information, please click on this link to reach the product page of Rota-Sonde DC4500: