Profibus protocol available on different sensors


DELTA continues to develop Profibus protocol on its sensors. The new one to benefit of this feature is the laser distance meter Dilas FT4200. Based on the requests from customer, now this sensor is also available with a Profibus Communication protocol.

Until now, Delta already introduced this possibility on Dilas FT2000, Trilas TL, DigiScan XD4000 and XD1000, and also recently on the Velocimeter Velas DL4000.

The Dilas FT4200 is mainly used on products when they are still inside furnace, with temperature up to 1.350°C. This measuring sensor can control the position of products or just detect them. Based on an infrared high power and diverging laser beam, it is the perfect sensor for this goal despite very difficult conditions (hot air, fumes of flames).

Thanks to this Pofibus protocol, many automation engineer find it more easy to link sensor to PLC and will soon get benefits of this feature.

For more information, please click on this link to reach the product page of Dilas FT4200: