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Time of Flight Laser Distance Meter with back panel
Dilas FT1500

  • Long range – High temperature targets
  • High accuracy +/- 1mm
  • Easy setup on back panel
  • Design for steel industry conditions

Features and benefits

The Dilas FT1500 is a digital, high resolution, non-contact laser measurement sensor.
The target may be hot or cold, stationary or moving. Dilas FT1500 measures on all non-shiny surfaces.


  • Measurement range: up to 50 m on natural surface, 500 m on reflective tape (see Accessories)
  • Target temperature: up to 1300 °C
  • Accuracy: up to ± 1 mm (1σ)
  • Visible laser beam (class 2)
  • Autonomous sensor: ready to use, no calibration required
  • Integrated 5 digits display
  • Easy sensor setup with pre-set distances selection or extended configuration
  • Water cooling & air purging and optional heat shield (model FT1507-J•)

Typical applications


The Dilas FT1500 is an autonomous sensor mounted in compact aluminium housing, IP66. The sensor can be ordered with mounting bracket or water cooling jacket. For electrical connection the sensor exists with terminal block or connector with prewired armoured cable.
A digital display at the rear of the sensor indicates the distance. The measurement distance range can be easily selected with a rotary switch (3m / 5m / 7m / 10m / 20m / 30m) for most of the applications. Additional parameters such as Near & Far distances and measurement mode can be set for special applications.



Operating principle

The operation of the Dilas FT1500 is based on time of flight measurement. The sensor calculates the distance of the target surface using the time of flight of visible laser light pulses.



  • Heat shield to protect sensor from direct radiation


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