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Laser Triangulation Distance Meter
Trilas TL

  • Measurement up to 10 m
  • Optics for measurement on all kinds of surfaces
  • Design for extremely harsh environment
  • High accuracy and fast response time

Features and benefits

The Trilas TL is a digital, high resolution, non-contact laser triangulation sensor for measurement of dimensional data.
The target may be hot or cold, stationary or moving.

Sensor features and advantages :

  • Measurement at distances up to 10 m, measuring range up to 8 m.
  • High accuracy : better than 0.08 % to 0.15 % depending on the measuring range.
  • Fast response time : 5 ms.
  • 2, 5 or 10 mW laser to adapt to different conditions : environment and target temperature.
  • Autonomous sensor : ready to use, no calibration required.
  • Autodiagnostic features.

By combining several sensors, dimensional measurements and shape readings can be achieved.

Typical applications






Position measurement of a slab or bloom

Width measurement



Position control - discharging of reheat furnace

Bloom, billet, bar length measurement





Straightness measurement

Coil diameter measurement decoiler - recoiler





Coil centring, diameter and height measurement

Strip loop control


The Trilas TL is an autonomous sensor mounted in a cast aluminium housing containing a visible laser emitter with its power supply and a diode array with focalisation optics and a signal processing electronic circuit. The output of the laser beam as well as the input of the focalisation optics are each protected by a protective hood with an air connection. This avoids dust deposit or steam interference. The electrical connection is made via a connector. The sensor is delivered already equipped with the corresponding plug on silicone armoured cable (2 m standard length).
Different models of TL are available depending on laser power and measuring range.

Operating principle

The Trilas TL sensor uses the principle of optical triangulation. A diode array R observes through an optics L the image of the impact A of the emitted laser beam on the measured surface. The distance OA is related to the address N of the lighted diode of the array. The relation, depending only on the geometry of the system, is determined by a factory calibration. en-trilas-011-800x600


The Trilas TL can be ordered with analog output 0-10 V or 4-20 mA and with communication protocol serial link RS485 or Profibus-DP.

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