Hot Rolling Mill Flat

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Measurement Systems for Hot Strip Mill & Plate Mill

  • Width measurement
  • Cropping control

The ability to precisely measure the strip and plate dimensions during the hot rolling process is essential for the production of high quality steel and for achieving an optimum yield. DELTA has developed a range of gauges for installation in the extreme environmental conditions of the metal industry using the latest technologies with high resolution and high speed digital cameras.


Stereoscopic Width Gauge

  • The Stereoscopic Width Gauge DigiScan XD4000, designed for installation above the roll tables in hot mill is state-of-the-art technology for measuring the width of strip / plate product. For use in the roughing mill or finishing mill exit, the self-emitted optical radiation of the hot strip provides contrast for width determination. In areas where the product is below 600 °C, an optional backlight or frontlight is available.
  • The stereoscopic principle overcomes the inherent problems of hot strip and plate width measurement, such as thickness variations or tilt, lift and bounce of the strip.


Crop Optimization

  • The Crop Optimization gauge CropVison CV3000 captures the bar ends. It analyses the images, computes the contour and determines the optimum cut lengths based on the shape of the head and tail and a set of strategies. These cut set points can be adjusted by the operator and transferred to the shear controller. The CV3000 can reduce significantly crop losses.


Key features

  • Very high accuracy and reliability in the extreme conditions of Hot Strip Mill.
  • User friendly graphic displays.
  • Modular architecture allowing easy extension and implementation of effective solutions with end user: Camber / Plate shape Thermal profile / Crop Optimization.
  • Simplicity of installation and maintenance.
  • Reliability, no moving parts.
  • Rugged construction with cast metal housing, water cooling and air purging.
  • Cost effective sensor.



  • The gauge can be quickly installed, just one electrical connector (power supply and internal I/O), one Ethernet connector, 3 quick connectors (water and air).
  • The gauge DigiScan XD4000 or CropVision CV3000, can easily be interfaced to any automation system and host. It includes internal, remote digital, analogue inputs and outputs, Ethernet TCP/IP, Profibus DP and serial line.



  • The gauges from DELTA can be directly connected to Ethernet network and are based on a Client – Server architecture. The different gauges (servers) on the network produce the measurement data and different clients (operator pulpit HMI, maintenance and diagnostic, quality) can access these data for display or recording.





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