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Hot Metal Detector for Installation below Roll Table
Stato-Sonde Iris Z6500

  • Fiber Optic Hot Metal Detector
  • Mounts below roll table
  • Detection below product
  • High detection accuracy


The Iris Z6500 (InfraRed Intelligent Sensor) is a precision hot metal detector specifically designed to meet the most challenging requirements in hot rolling mills.
The Iris Z6500 includes three major elements :

  • a fiber optic system which detects infrared light emitted by the hot material,
  • a stainless steel mechanical tube which positions and protects the optical system in the line,
  • an electronic Sensor Control Unit which reacts to the presence or absence of light in the optical system.


The Iris Z6500 Hot Metal Detector is mainly used for the most difficult detection applications with descale water, presence of heavy steam or mechanical obstruction, narrow space, such as :

  • Billet, bloom, slab, strip, plate… Head & Tail accurate detection
  • Detection before crop shear in hot strip and plate mills,
  • Close to rougher & edger rolls for precise timing of automatic thickness & width control.


Below pass line in a hot strip mill

Between apron plate leaves in a hot plate mill


Iris Z6500 from DELTA comes complete with all the necessary hardware to mount and protect the unit in a rolling mill. All the basic mechanical components are made of stainless steel. The main mechanical component is a one inch (SCH40S) bent stainless steel pipe. It includes a set of extension pipes to adjust the position of the sensor head.

The pipe is held in place by a mounting block, which is typically attached to the roll table support structure. The mounting block is designed to allow both lateral and angular adjustment of the pipe, permitting accurate positioning of the nozzle just below pass



A 'T' fitting is attached to the other end of the pipe. Clean dry service air (or nitrogen) should be supplied to the 'T' fitting. Flow through the pipe and around the lens assembly is sufficient to keep the temperature of the lens assembly and the fibre optic bundle within specified limits. The exit velocity of the air prevents scale, water and the like from entering the lens housing and fouling the lens.

The optical front end of the Iris Z6500 consists of a small diameter lens securely affixed to one end of the pipe, and covered with armoured stainless steel nozzle. The efficient design of these components allows this assembly to fit inside the pipe, enabling the sensor to be positioned in tight spaces beneath the roll line.

The lens focuses infrared light onto a fiber optic bundle which transmits the light energy to the electronic enclosure. The photo-detector is the latest in a new generation of infrared diodes, incorporating great sensitivity and speed of response. The photodetector senses the presence or absence of light in the fiber optic bundle in just a few microseconds. The Iris Z6500 is easily configured to suit the customer's unique applications.


Iris Z6500 outputs are switched 'ON' or 'OFF' signalising the presence or absence of light, respectively. The turn-off time has a configurable delay, permitting the sensor to ignore cold spots, or patches of scale, etc...

In a typical installation, the lens housing is set about 200 mm (8") below pass line and aimed so that the optical axis intersects pass line at the centreline of the roll table.

The fibre optic bundle is attached to the lens assembly and passed through the support pipe and the 'T' to the electronic enclosure that may be located away from the optical front end.


  • Adapter kit to connect IRIS111-09 fiber



  • Radiant Bar BR4000.

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