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Laser Distance Meter
Dilas FT1600

  • Replaced by Dilas FT18x2 / FT18x3 / FT18x4 / FT18x5


In order to integrate some innovations and new features, the Dilas FT1600 is replaced by the Dilas FT1800.

Changement of reference as follow:

- FT1602 ---> FT18x2

- FT1603 ---> FT18x3

- FT1604 ---> FT18x4


Don't hesitate to contact us for any question about a project of new installation or replacement.



Accessories available:

  • Heat shield to protect sensor from direct radiation, only for FT160•-JC models.
  • Termination resistor for Profibus (male connector M12, B-coded, ref. 2536756).
  • Communication cables with protective steel braid: see separate datasheet.
  • Reflective tape Oralite ® 5200 white 1x1 m (ref. 2636434), useable between 50 m and 500 m. Can increase the reflectivity of your surface to improve response time of Dilas FT1600 in case of fixed target.


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