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Static Hot Metal Detector, operating T° up to 120°C without cooling
Stato-Sonde Z50

  • High operating T°: up to 120°C without cooling
  • Laser pointer for alignment
  • Detection over 300°C
  • Spot model: detection 20 mm at 3 m


The Stato-Sonde Z50 is a hot metal detector used for the detection of product with temperature over 300°C (570°F).
It has been designed to operate in industries such as steel mills and foundries.
Presented in a resistant case, it is designed for use in the severe conditions of the steel industry ; model Z5•HT for ambient temperature up to 120°C (250°F) without cooling.

Working Principle


The infrared radiation of the hot product is focused by a lens and then collected by a photoelectric
cell. When the energy level is over the adjusted level , the output of the Stato-Sonde
Z50 detector is switched on.
The Stato-Sonde Z50 is available with 2 optical field of view:

  • 15° x 2° for most application where the product to detect can deviate from the centreline.
  • Spot 20 mm at 3 m, when a small precise detection point is required.


Special Features


  • Model Z5•HT High Operating Temperature up to 120°C without water cooling, 150°C with water cooling.
  • Optical field: Area 15° x 2° or Spot 20 mm @ 3 m.
  • Laser pointer for easy alignment (not on Z5•HT  model).
  • High sensitivity 300°C (570°F), adjustable.
  • Multicolour LED indicator (detection, low  detection margin, alarm).
  • Test function input to simulate hot product from the control room.
  • Hood with air purging to protect the window glass. The hood is fitted with a draw latch for quick access to clean the window glass.
  • Optional connector with high temperature silicone cable and protective steel braid.
  • Modular construction, allowing rapid maintenance.
  • Easy installation, setup & diagnostic.









  • Heat shield to protect from direct radiation, only for Z5• - J• - • models. Reference 7093146.



  • Radiant Bar BR4000.

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