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Weld Hole Detection
DTS240 / EMR-M

  • Large field of detection
  • Fast detection
  • No interference from ambient light
  • Adjustable Detection margin

Typical applications

The DTS240 is an optical detector. In association with the EMR-M-400 emitter, it is able to detect the weld hole made in order to locate the linking weld between two strips.

Main features


  • High speed up to 1500 m/min,
  • Use of high power LED for high detection margin and long life time,
  • Interference suppression by modulated light,
  • Adjustable detection margin,
  • Designed for steel industry conditions,
  • Heavy duty connectors.


Potentiometer behind back cover for setting the detection margin


Typical installation


Receiver and emitter are fixed perpendicular to the line axis in order to take the lateral deviation of the strip into account.The following conditions have to be held for a proper detection:


  • The DTS240 field of view should completely cover the lateral position of the hole.
  • The emission of the emitter EMR-M-400 should completely cover the lateral position of the hole.
  • When there is no hole, the emitter EMR-M-400 should be completely covered by the strip regardless of the lateral deviation of the strip. For applications where the emitter is not covered completely by strip, DELTA has developed the DTR340.
  • The figure below shows a typical mounting arrangement and the table gives the field of detection for different distances between pass line and receiver / emitter.


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