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Infrared Loop Scanner
Rota-Sonde TS5500

  • Visible Laser Line for easy alignment
  • Wide Infrared spectrum
  • Innovative display on back panel
  • Configurable sensor


The Rota-Sonde TS5500 measures the position of a hot product (steel, copper, brass, other alloys) within its field of view and provides an output which is proportional to the angular position of the product within that field.

The Rota-Sonde TS5500 is a scanning measuring sensor, sensitive to infrared radiation emitted by hot products with a minimum temperature as low as 250 °C (480 °F).

Main features & benefits:

  • Quick & Easy commissioning with green laser line (TS55xx-LL) or red laser pointer (TS55xx-LP).
  • Control panel with display of position of hot product (% of scanning angle) & led bargraph for Signal level & Threshold setup.
  • Sensor configurable by user (TS559x-xx): scanning angle, sensitivity range, output value in product  absence.
  • 2 analogue outputs (4-20 mA and 0-10 V) and 1 digital output (product presence).
  • High sensitivity: from 350 °C (660 °F) or from 250 °C (480 °F), selectable by user.
  • No need of shutter adjustment (4 mm fixed shutter) thanks to a better photocell dynamic.
  • Self-diagnostic functions: 2 digital outputs Control and Alarm.
  • Optoelectronic circuit enclosed in a heavy duty housing (IP66), designed to work in the harsh environment of the steel industry.
  • Air purging and water cooling.
  • Connector and cable with metallic protective braid.


Vertical & Horizontal loop control
The main purpose of loop scanner is to give the position of the product between 2 stands in order to control their speed.



Hot strip, plate, slab centring - Slab edges control for torch machine
Edge position feedback allows centreline & width measurement.


Operating principle

The Rota-Sonde TS5500 is sensitive to infrared radiation and is optimized for detection even at low temperature and in the presence of steam. The sensor detects the first edge of the product within the scanned field, i.e. the first transition “no radiation / presence of radiation”, direction of scanning being from the top to the bottom of sensor.

When the analytical beam of the sensor detects infrared radiation from the leading edge of a hot product within the scanned field, the reflection of that radiation by the mirrored drum onto the measuring cell provides a signal which is converted into a "measuring" pulse.
In addition, the sensor generates a reference pulse, which corresponds to the beginning of the scanned field.
The time between the reference pulse and the measuring pulse is equivalent to the angle between the beginning of the scanned field and the position of the leading edge of the hot product. The sensor converts the time into an analogue output, which is proportional to the angle.


Mechanical Features

  • Heavy duty aluminium housing (IP66), designed to work in the harsh environment of the steel industry.
  • Adjustable mounting stand with indication of the inclination
    angle etched into the toggle joint.
  • Cooling plate with stainless steel pipe to permit use of industrial cooling water. This cooling plate is independent of the sensor body and includes all connections (cable, air and water). This design permits quick substitution of the sensor without disconnection of the cooling water or purging air and also eliminates the need for the realignment of the sensor.
  • Hinged protective hood with quick latch to permit easy access to clean the window glass in front of the sensor.
  • Heavy duty connector and high temperature cable with protective steel braid.

Control panel beneath flip cover

  • Display of angle: position of hot edge in % of the detection angle,
    from the bottom of field of view.
  • Bargraph of 13 green led to display the level of signal and the
    threshold setup (blinking led).
  • Green led for Product Presence.
  • Orange led for Control (low detection margin).
  • Red led for Alarm (sensor failure).
  • Push-button to switch ON/OFF the Laser. A long push (> 3 sec)
    will also generate a Test for product simulation.
  • Potentiometer for sensitivity adjustment.
  • Push-button (TS559? version) to let the user configure the
    scanning field of view (50° or 30° or 10°), the output signal in
    product absence (low or high level), the sensitivity range (N or H).
    The confirmed choices are displayed with the corresponding blue led in the right part of control panel.


In order to help the user to make an accurate alignment of the
sensor, the Rota-Sonde TS5500 is equipped with some new


  • Laser Line (-LL version): The high visibility green laser line shows the exact position of the detection field. This makes the alignment of the sensor in both directions easier. It helps also to see the limits of the detection area.
  • Laser Pointer (-LP version): a laser pointer gives the lateral position of the field of detection.

Toggle joint

The indication of the tilt angle is useful to position the sensor in a proper way in front of the product and be able to make the
trigonometric calculation.


According to the required field of detection for the application, the vertical scanning angle has to be selected:
- TS559x: easy and quick selection of 10° or 30° or 50° on the control panel
- TS555x: this version has a fix 50° scanning angle
- TS553x: this version has a fix 30° scanning angle.


  • Heat Shield to protect sensor from direct radiation.



  • Junction box (ref  CR5500TS) for remote settings and diagnostics.



  • Adaptation kit (ref 7694198) to keep optical centre at same position as TS2000.


  • BR4000 : Battery powered Portable Radiant Bar, Simulation of hot product 

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