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Infrared Scanning Sensor - Loop Position
Rota-Sonde TS2006

  • Infrared - high sensitivity 250 °C or 400 °C
  • Quick and easy commissioning
  • Self-monitoring and alarm functions


The Rota-Sonde TS2006 measures the position of a hot product (steel, copper, brass, alloys, etc.) within its field of view and provides an output which is proportional to the angular position of the product within that field.

The Rota-Sonde TS2006 is a scanning measuring sensor, sensitive to infrared radiation emitted by hot products with temperature as low as 250 °C (480 °F).

Main features :

  • High sensitivity : 400 °C / 750 °F or 250 °C / 480 °F.
  • Infrared spectrum : 1 to 3 µm.
  • Digitally controlled with self diagnostic functions.
  • No optical adjustment.
  • Easy commissioning.
  • Optoelectronic circuit enclosed in a heavy duty housing (IP66), designed to work in the harsh environment of the steel industry.
  • Air purging and water cooling.
  • Connector and cable with metallic protective braid.




Vertical loop control





en-ts2006-003-800x600Horizontal loop control






Hot strip, plate, slab centring;
Slab edges control for torch machine





Principle of operation : Infrared scanning

A rotating mirrored drum scans the field of view.
When the analytical beam of the sensor detects infrared radiation from the leading edge of a hot product within the scanned field, the reflection of that radiation by the mirrored drum onto the measuring cell provides a signal which is converted into a "measuring" pulse.
In addition, the sensor generates a reference pulse, which corresponds to the beginning of the scanned field.
The time "t" between the reference pulse and the measuring pulse is equivalent to the angle "a" between the beginning of the scanned field and the position of the leading edge of the hot product. The sensor converts the time "t" into an analogue voltage, which is proportional to the angle "a", and independent of the scanning motor speed.


Sensor features

1. Mechanical Features

  • Adjustable mounting stand.
  • Cooling plate with stainless steel pipe to permit use of industrial cooling water. This cooling plate is independent of the sensor body and includes all connections (air and water). This configuration permits quick substitution of the sensor without disconnection of the cooling water or purging air and also eliminates the need for the realignment of the sensor.
  • Hinged protective hood to permit easy cleaning of the window glass of the sensor.
  • Easy adjustment by use of the viewing port located at the back of the sensor.

2. Electronic Features

  • The photocell is sensitive to infrared radiation and is optimized for detection even at low temperature and in the en-ts2006-006-800x600presence of steam.
  • All electronics are mounted on a plug-in PC board.
  • Control panel beneath hinged cover at rear, including through viewing port, test push-button for product simulation, potentiometer for sensitivity adjustment and product presence LED.
  • Automatic monitoring system with the following features :
    • Diagnostic alarm circuit to monitor the sensitivity of the sensor and to indicate the need for the operator to clean the window glass or to increase the sensitivity.
    • Diagnostic alarm circuit to monitor the internal temperature of the sensor and to indicate any fault in the cooling system.
    • Monitoring of the scanning motor speed.
    • Indication of power supply fault.

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