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Stereoscopic Width Gauge for Hot Rolling Mills
DigiScan XD4100

  • Width - Center - CropView - Thermal Profile
  • Designed for extremely harsh environment
  • Builtin Ethernet with OPCUA & ModbusTCP - Optional industrial network protocol
  • Easy installation and maintenance



The Stereoscopic Width Gauge DigiScan XD4100, designed for installation above the roll tables in hot strip and plate mills, is state-of-the-art technology for measuring the width and centerline of strips or plates. The stereoscopic arrangement permits high on-line accuracy despite material hop, tilt, lateral movement, and thickness variation.
For use at the roughing mill or finishing mill exit, the self-emitted optical radiation of the hot strip provides sufficient contrast for width determination. An optional front light or back light mode is available for installation where the rolling temperatures are below 600°C.

Main features

  • Advanced edge detection software and data capture processor to perform edge sensing in real-time,
  • Advanced stereo calibration taking into account lens distortion, with subpixel accuracy,
  • On line verification and standardization to maintain high measurement accuracy,
  • Setup and diagnostic of the gauge with a web browser,
  • Extended communication features including built in Ethernet with Modbus TCP and OPC UA protocols,
  • Optional industrial network protocol: Profibus DP, Profinet,
  • Self-emission mode for temperature of product > 600°C, front light or back light mode for product < 600°C,
  • Recording of measures, and advanced log features,
  • Thermal profile option / CropView option
  • Plug-in principle to customize: protocol, External I/O, configuration…
  • Simplicity of installation and maintenance, very quick replacement of the gauge,
  • Compact water cooled sealed die-cast aluminium housing, Heat Shield,
  • Laser line & pointer for easy commissioning and verification of accuracy

Web server

The gauge has an integrated Web server and the connection to the gauge with any Web browser, from a PC or a tablet, gives an access to gauge measurement data and configuration parameters.

Remote access is possible for diagnostic assistance.


The DigiScan XD4100 with built in Ethernet connection, integrated digital inputs / outputs and analogue outputs, has a very flexible communication architecture and can easily be connected into any automation system.

- Integrated Modbus TCP protocol,
- Integrated OPC UA protocol,
- Optional Profinet and Profibus-DP protocol.

Temperature profile option

The display of temperature distribution across the strip helps for a better control of the rolling process by isolating the source of camber, hook, or skid marks from reheating furnace…
The temperature across the width of the product is obtained by calibrating the grey level output of the cameras to a temperature scale. The DigiScan XD4100 can provide:

  • Thermal profile versus time, in 2D temperature map

  • Temperature of up to 7 adjustable points across the width of the product.

CropView option

For gauge positioned after rougher, this option displays head and tail shape of the bar for crop optimization. It calculates the cutlines positions according to several configurable criterions (Fishtail line, Percent line, Dog bone and Camber) and supply to the CropShear PLC the distance between those lines and the detection point (ex: HMD like IRIS or DC4500). It’s necessary to have a good speed measurement (with Velas DL4000 for example) for an accurate shape and for bar tracking. Scatter plots are transmitted through Ethernet.

Accessories included

  • Junction box, with Ethernet switch and 7” panel display (Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 190 mm. Power supply 115/230 VAC)

  • Active verification fixture, battery powered

  • Mechanical support to position the verification fixture on the rolls
  • Heat Shield to protect the XD4100 from direct radiations
  • Power and I/O cable for XD4100, with protective metallic braid.
  • Ethernet cables (and for Profinet option), with 2x Male D-coded M12 connectors and protective metallic braid.
  • Cables for Profibus-DP, Male / Female B-coded M12 connectors, with protective metallic braid

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