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Diffuse Reflective Photoelectric Barrier

  • Detection up to 10 m, on cold or hot objects
  • Without reflector
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Design for steel industry conditions

Operating principle

The VFT1 is a LED based Time-of-Flight detector. With this technology DELTA introduce an innovative solution for the detection of product in the difficult environment of the steel industry. It works on very dark low reflecting targets, as well as high temperature targets, and has an extended operating temperature range compare to laser technology.
Thanks to the Time-of-Flight technology the sensor is able to measure the position of the target, and can eliminate any background object.

Features and benefits

  • Detection range: from 0.8 m, up to 10 m on grey surface (18% remission), 8 m on black surface (6% remission)
  • Target temperature: up to 1250 °C (2280°F)
  • Detection resolution (distance between target and background): 150 mm (typical), 300 mm (for target temperature above 1000°C – 1830°F, or black surface over 6 m)
  • Response time: from 2 ms on white matt surface at 2 m to 14 ms on black surface (6% remission) at 8 m
  • 2 complementary static outputs for product presence and 1 output for alarm
  • Visible laser pointer (class 2)
  • Easy sensor setup with detection range selection and auto sensitivity adjustment
  • Water cooling (model VFT1- J B) & air purging
  • Optional heat shield for model VFT1 – JB


The VFT1 is an easy to use detector thanks to:
- 3 LED giving sensor status:

  • P.P. is green when detection output is activated (Product Presence)
  • Ctrl is orange when signal quality is too high or not enough
  • Alarm is red when alarm output is activated (internal T° too high, emitter or receiver out of function)

- The ‘Dist.’ potentiometer to setup the detection range by selecting the maximum distance (max. 10m). For example potentiometer on position 2 will setup the detection range from 0,8 to 2 m.
- The ‘Sens./Laser’ potentiometer to adjust sensitivity.
- A laser pointer to make alignment of sensor. It is activated as soon as you turn one of the 2 potentiometers (stay ON during 15 min then automatically switches OFF).


Typical applications


The VFT1 can be used in many applications of detection, especially where it’s not easy or not possible to position a reflector for use of standard light barriers.
Some examples below:

Detection of products on cooling bed Detection of hot or cold billets when entering inside furnace


Detection area


  • Heat shield to protect from direct radiation, only for VFT1-JB models.




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