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Photodiode Array Detector
DR3000 / EMR-C

  • Detection of small section product
  • Detection regardless of the transverse position
  • Design for extremely harsh environment

Typical applications

The receiver DR3000 is a linear photodiode array detector. In association with the EMR-C LED emitter, it is able to detect product with small section in a wide field, whatever the transverse position of this product.





Detection of small bars on a wide table


Detection of head / tail



The Detector DR3000 consists of a lens, a linear diode array and a processing unit enclosed in a cast aluminium case. The image of the viewed area is focused onto the diode array. The output of the Detector DR3000 switches when a product is seen within the field of view with light emitter EMR-C in the background.


The Detector DR3000 has been designed for heavy industry, with:

  • A mounting stand, which is adjustable in two axes. In case the sensor must be replaced, it can be easily

dismounted from the stand, without disturbing the alignment.

  • Control panel behind a hinged cover, including:
  1. Control LED (P.P.): ON when a product is detected.
  2. Saturation LED (Sat): ON when the diode array is saturated.
  3. Sensitivity potentiometer (sens).
  4. Selection of the detection angle: 50%, 75%, 100%

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