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Laser Distance Meter with Communication
Dilas FT1800

  • Digital communication: Profibus-DP, Profinet, Ethernet Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP
  • High temperature targets - Long range - High accuracy
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Design for difficult conditions


The Dilas FT1800 is a digital, high resolution, non-contact laser distance measurement or detection sensor. The target may be hot or cold, stationary or moving. Dilas FT1800 measures on all non-shiny surfaces.

The operation of the Dilas FT1800 is based on time-of-flight measurement. The sensor calculates the distance of the target surface using the time of flight of visible laser light pulses.

The measurement is delivered on an analogue output or on the digital communication.


The Dilas FT1800 is an autonomous sensor mounted in compact aluminium housing, IP66.  The sensor can be ordered with mounting bracket or mounting stand and water-cooling jacket.

A digital display indicates the measured distance and two LED indicate status of sensor.
For the models with digital communication, two additional LED indicate the communication link status.
The sensor can work as a standalone unit: in that case, the setup is made from the control panel at the back of sensor.

Features and benefits

  • Two internal laser modules: 1 mW or 5 mW, for a better measuring margin on very hot targets or in difficult conditions
  • Target temperature: up to 1300 °C
  • Analogue output : 4-20 mA
  • Digital communication : 
  • Visible red laser beam
  • Autonomous sensor: ready to use, no calibration required
  • Integrated 5 digits display
  • Easy sensor setup with pre-set distances selection
  • Extended configuration of customized measuring range and response time
  • Special modes (‘Time’) optimized for: Detection / Tracking / Averaging / Fixed Sampling
  • Optional Water cooling & air purging – Optional Heat Shield & additional cooling plate


The Dilas FT1800 offers different modes optimized for different applications. The setup of the mode is very easy and quick via the back panel selector in the ‘Time” position. Be sure to select the mode adapted to your own situation:

  • Auto mode gives measurement as soon as it is available with the best accuracy. The measuring time is not fixed and depends on the measurement conditions: reflectivity of the target, distance. If the measurement is not possible, the sensor delivers an error code after maximum 6 seconds.
  • Fixed sampling time allows user to get a repeatable and fixed measuring time: the target needs to be always measurable within this fixed time to use this mode, otherwise an error code may appear.
  • Tracking mode: when the target is moving in the axis of the sensor, this mode is recommended and provides better results and refreshment time.
  • Detection mode is interesting for applications where product or background is not measurable within a fixed time.
    Instead of freezing the detection output and the measurement value like for other modes, the FT1800 in detection mode will release the output and measurement after the fixed time.
  • Average mode makes a moving average x2 or x4 of the last values, to get a more stabilized and accurate measurement.


  • Heat shield to protect sensor from direct radiations.

           Only compatible with Mounting stand & cooling jacket (FT18••-J• models).


  • Additional cooling plate

           Only compatible with Mounting stand & cooling jacket (FT18••-J• models). 



Accessories, remote display unit (for FT18•4 only)

  • Remote Display unit (connection to 1 or 2 sensors) with 1 dimension calculation (connection to 2 sensors, static product)

For display of of sensors measurements, status and error code. On the operator pulpit, for cut to length application for example, or in case the access to the sensor is difficult or dangerous.

Provides calculation and display of 1 dimension: width, length, thickness. Calibration procedure (distance between sensors and correction coefficients).

Dimension value and calibration parameters stored in each sensor for access through Modbus TCP.

Delivered in a complete junction box including a 7" colour display, an Ethernet switch, connectors for sensors power supply & I/O, terminal blocks and a 115/230VAC to 24 VDC power supply.

It is also available as standalone display unit (withut junction box).

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