New Optical Barrier VFT1


VFT1, new Optical Barrier, designed for detection without reflector, up to 10 m, even on high temperature targets.


DELTA introduce an innovative solution for the detection of product in the difficult environment of the steel industry. Based on LED Time-of-Flight technology, the VFT1 is a new diffuse reflective photoelectric barrier, well adapted for applications where it’s not easy or not possible to install a reflector.

It detects very dark low reflecting targets, as well as high temperature targets (up to 1.250°C), and has an extended operating temperature range compare to laser technology.

Thanks to the Time-of-Flight technology, this sensor is able to measure the position of the target up to 10 m, and can eliminate any background object.

The VFT1 is easy to setup and propose an auto sensitivity adjustment. The back panel allows selection of detection range and 3 LED give status of Product Presence, Control (detection margin) and Alarm (internal temperature). For alignment purpose, it is equipped with a laser pointer.

Thanks to its optional cooling plate, the VFT1 can resist to the harsh conditions of the steel industry. Like most other sensors developed by DELTA, it’s mounted in a compact aluminium housing (IP66) with air purging to protect the optic. The design permits an easy and quick replacement of internal parts for maintenance, increasing lifetime of sensor.

For difficult conditions with direct radiation, the sensor can be equipped with an optional heat shield.


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