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Static Hot Metal Detector
Stato-Sonde Z3

  • Detection from 400 °C
  • Viewing angle : 15° vertical, 4° horizontal
  • Designed for harsh environment


The Stato-Sonde Z3 is a hot metal detector used for the detection of product with temperature over 400 °C / 750 °F.
It has been designed to operate in industries such as steel mills and foundries.
Presented in a resistant case, it is designed for use in the severe conditions of the steel industry. It includes a protective hood with air purging and an optional cooling jacket.

Working Principle

The infrared radiation of the hot stock is focused by a lens and then collected by a photo-electric cell. When the energy level is over the adjusted level the output of the Stato-Sonde Z3 detector is switched on.

Special Features

  • Optical field : 15° vertical and 4° horizontal adjustable with a shutter at the front side of the protective hood.
  • High current static output, relay output or opto solid state relay.
  • External sensitivity adjustment (located under the cover at the back side of the apparatus).
  • TEST function to simulate hot product, from the control room (built in lamp for simulation).
  • Multicolour LED indicator.
  • Optional connector and silicone cable with protective steel braid (Z3 - C - ).
  • Frontal hood that can be hinged down to easily clean the sensor lens. This protective hood is equipped with an inlet for compressed air, to keep out dust.
  • A cooling plate is available, with a water flow rate of 2 I/mn, for use when ambient temperature is over
    75 °C / 170 °F.
  • Modular construction, allowing rapid maintenance.

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