Hot Rolling Mill Long

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Bar Wire Mill

  • Hot product tracking
  • Cropping control
  • Rolls gap control
  • Loop control

Hot Metal Detectors (HMD) are designed for tracking hot products at the different stages of the hot rolling process. In critical operation such as for the control of the shear (head/tail crop, or cut to length) it is important to rely on accurate sensors which will detect in less than 1 ms the head and tail, independently of the position, size or temperature of the bar. For these applications, scanning HMD are recommended due to their narrow lateral field. The use of the latest technology of infrared detector allows the detection of products down to 180°C, for detection after water quenching.



    Bar / Wire

  • Tracking of hot products with
    scanning HMD Rota-Sonde DC.
  • Cropping control with high accuracy scanning HMD Rota-Sonde DC.
  • Rolls gap control with heavy duty Pulse Generator GDC or GDP.


Bar positioning

  • Non-contact measurement of the position of a stopper with Laser Sensor Dilas FT.


    Bar Detection

  • Detection of a bar with the scanning HMD Rota-Sonde DC.


Vertical loop

  • Vertical loop measurement with the Infrared Loop Scanner Rota-Sonde TS.









Horizontal loop

  • Horizontal loop measurement with the Infrared Loop Scanner Rota-Sonde TS.



  • Detection of small bar on a wide table with Linear Camera DR3000.

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