New Infrared Loop Scanner TS5500


DELTA has launched a new Infrared Loop Scanner, the Rota-Sonde TS5500, for installation within hot rolling mills. The sensor measures the position of hot products and is used for horizontal and vertical loop control, as well as edge centreline position control.


DELTA Rota-Sonde TS5500 includes a built-in smart control panel allowing for easy set up and diagnostics of the sensor. The display indicates position of hot product (within field of view), the signal amplitude with detection margin and the status of the sensor. A short push on the Laser/Test button turns on the lasers green visible laser line, allowing for quick alignment and visual indication of the field of view, while a long push activates the sensors built in test function. 

DELTA Rota-Sonde TS5500 is configurable: users can select the scanning angle and the sensitivity range (down to 250°C/480°F). The configurability of the sensors allows for multiple uses through out the mill.

The design has been improved upon: quick access to window glass by draw latch, smaller housing design and less weight compared to previous model TS2000, etched toggle joint for easy alignment, spring loaded cover for protection of the smart control panel.


Optional accessories include a stainless steel heat shield, to protect the sensor from direct radiation, and a junction box CR5500TS, for remote diagnostic and sensitivity adjustment for applications where the sensor is not readily accessable.


DELTA has been manufacturing high performance optical sensors and measuring gauges designed for the most difficult applications in steel industry since 1954: hot metal detector, infrared loop scanner, laser and optical barrier, laser distancemeter, velocimeter, width gauge, flatness gauge, crop optimization gauge…


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