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Weld Hole Detector for special applications
DTR540 / EMR-C

  • Large field of detection and off-centered strip
  • For detection of 1 or 2 holes
  • Smart functions of receiver
  • Easy setup and alignment


The receiver DTR540 is a linear photodiode array detector. In association with the EMR-C red LED emitter, it is able to detect the weld hole made in order to locate the linking weld between two strips.
The receiver consists of a lens, a linear diode array and a processing unit enclosed in a cast aluminium case. The image of the viewed area is focused onto the diode array. The output of the receiver DTR540 switches when a hole is seen within the field of view with light emitter EMR-C in the background.

DELTA offers two models of weld hole detector to satisfy different possibilities of weld detection:

  • DTS240/EMR-M: for standard application, hole deviation less than 340 mm and strip covering completely the emitter.
  • DTR540/EMR-C: for application with large variation in the hole position or narrow width and off -centred strip (replacing of previous DTR340), or detection of 2 holes at same time (replacing previous DTR522).


The detector DTR540 has been designed for heavy industry, with a mounting bracket, which is adjustable in two axes. In case the sensor must be replaced, it can be easily dismounted from the stand, without disturbing the alignment.
This sensor is ‘smart’ as it is able to differentiate a real hole according to the hole size and position. The field of view can be adjusted by operator depending on installation distance.

The control panel allows an easy setup and includes:

  • 3 LED giving sensor status:
    • P.P. is green when detection output is activated (Product Presence)
    • Ctrl is orange when detection margin is not enough.
    • Alarm is red when alarm output is activated (internal T° too high, emitter or receiver out of function)
  • - A bargraph with green LED showing the active field of view and position of the hole within this field.
  • - The ‘Filed’ potentiometer to setup the detection angle.
  • - The ‘Sens./Laser’ potentiometer to adjust sensitivity (a combination of size, filter, integration time). A laser cross, to make alignment of receiver regarding emitter, is activated at power on, and as soon as you turn the ‘Sens./Laser’ potentiometer (stays ON during 15 min, then automatically switches OFF).



  • Adjustable mounting support for emitter EM•-C


  • Junction box to connect DR•500 and EM•-C

  • Power and I/O cable between junction box and DR•500 and EM•-C, with protective metallic braid, with 2 connectors: 5 m, 8 m, 10 m, 15 m


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