Hot Rolling Mill Long

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Tube Mill

  • Product tracking
  • Cropping control
  • Length measurement
  • Roll gaps control

The optimization of hot rolling processes requires the use of accurate and reliable sensors for detection and measurement.
DELTA has developed a range of non-contact sensors able to survive the extreme conditions of the steel mills environment: high ambiant temperature, high infrared radiation level, dust and steam.


Length measurement

  • On the fly length measurement with Laser Sensor Trilas TL and Laser Barrier V5.



Length measurement

  • On the fly length measurement of tubes with Rota-Sonde DC for detection of head and tail at different positions.



Detection through flames

  • Special models of Rota-Sonde DC have been designed with optical filter to filter the radiation of the flames at the tail of tubes during manufacturing operation and thus to improve accuracy of the detection.

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