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Laser Distance Meter with Communication
Dilas FT1600

  • Replaced by Dilas FT18x2 / FT18x3 / FT18x4 / FT18x5

Important note

The Dilas FT1600 is replaced by the Dilas FT1800.



The Dilas FT1600 is an autonomous sensor mounted in compact aluminium housing, IP66. The sensor can be ordered with mounting bracket or water cooling jacket.
For electrical connection, the sensor has three M12 connectors: one for the power supply and outputs, and two for communication.

The sensor can work as a standalone unit ; in that case, the setup is made from the control panel at the back of sensor. The parameters can also be set through the communication link when it is in use (on FT1604 only).

A digital display indicates the measured distance and two LED indicate status of sensor.

Two additional LED indicate the communication link status.


  • Heat shield to protect sensor from direct radiation, only for FT160•-JC models.
  • Termination resistor for Profibus (male connector M12, B-coded, ref. 2536756).
  • Communication cables with protective steel braid: see separate datasheet.
  • Reflective tape Oralite ® 5200 white 1x1 m (ref. 2636434), useable between 50 m and 500 m. Can increase the reflectivity of your surface to improve response time of Dilas FT1600 in case of fixed target.


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